SimplyCam V3. Documentation

SimplyCam interface.

Below the screen of SimplyCam. Click on the screen to the interface description.

Graphic area: This is the area where SimplyCam displays images, the geometry and toolpaths. Toolbar: area that contains buttons of the SimplyCam commands. Geometry and Toolpath managers Cursor Position: display the (x,y) position of the cursor in world coordinates. Prompt area: Displays information and requests. Status buttons: used to set the mode Snap, Ortho, select Window, Axis, Grid and Done / Cancel operations. Layers Setting Drop-down menu: menu of commands that appears in graphic viewport by right-clicking the mouse

Graphic area

This is the area where SimplyCam displays the images, the geometry and the toolpaths.


The Toolbars are a collection of functions accessible through the buttons.
You can undock, dock, move and hide the SimplyCam toolbars.
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Status Bar

The Status bar is located at the bottom of the Simplycam window.
It provides quick access to: Cursor position info, Prompt area, Snap, Ortho mode, Windows select, Axis, Grid, Layers.
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Geometry Manager

List each geometric entity of the current file. Use the Geometry Manager to edit the entity.

Toolpath Manager

List toolpaths of the current file. Use the Toolpath Manager to create, edit, simulate and post each operation.
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Right-click menu

The click of the right mouse button displays a drop-down menu. For example, during the execution of a drawing command, pressing the right mouse button displays the menu of Snap with the available options.


The Layers are used to separate and simplify access to geometric entities in a complex design.
To access the "Layers" dialog, click on "Layers" button in the status bar.
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