SimplyCam V3. Documentation

Laser Engraving Parameters

This dialog contains the parameters specific for the Laser Engraving.

Feed Plane
The parameter sets the Z coordinate at which the tool moves at rapid traverse (G0).

Dot to Dot / Join adiacent:
This gives the choice of producing individual dots or lines joining adjacent dots.

Raster / Vectorial method
Defines the algorithm used in the calculation of engraving machining.

- Raster
Each point of the image is scanned.
Is allowed only the working direction horizontal or vertical.
- Vectorial
To scan the image is used an along step and an across step.
Each working direction is allowed.

Cutting method
This parameter allows you to choose between Zig-Zag or One Way working.

Calculate button
Performs the calculation process of the toolpath, using the current parameters defined.