SimplyCam V3. Documentation

Cut Toolpath (Laser, Plasma, Waterjet)

The Cut toolpaths remove material along one or more profiles. You can select an unlimited number of profiles for each operation, but all the selected profiles, they will use the same parameters of the operation.
The selected profiles can be offsetting internally/externally (left/right for the open profiles) to compensate the kerf diameter.

Dialogues of Cut Toolpath (Laser, Plasma, Waterjet)

Dialog 1 - Laser, Plasma, Waterjet Settings
This dialog sets the technological parameters of the nozzles, heads, etc. These parameters directly affect the G-code generated by the postprocessor.
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Dialog 2 - Defining Profiles
Use this dialog to define and edit the profiles for the selected operation.
This box is also used to define the tool compensation and the lead in / lead out.
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Dialog 3 - Cut Parameters
This dialog contains the parameters specific for the Cut processing of Laser, Plasma, Waterjet machine.
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Examples of Cut machining