SimplyCam V3. Documentation

Parametri Tornio Finitura

This dialog contains the parameters specific for the Lathe Finish toolpath.

Face toolpath
This option allows you to perform the cut on the front face of the part.

Lead in
This parameter controlling how the tool approaches to the part at the start of cut.

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Lead out
This parameter controlling how the tool retracts to the part at the end of cut.

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Stock to leave
Sets the value of material to leave (or remove) on the profile; example, to perform a subsequent finish pass with another tool.
A positive value leaves the material.
A negative value removes material.

Number of finish cuts / Finish cut size
Set the number of finishing cuts and the removal value for each finishing cut.

Home Position
The "Home Position" it allows you to determine the X and Z coordinates of where the turret moves at the end of operation or for tool changes. On many Cnc is already automatically defined as a macro (Ex: G28 or M6) and don't need you to define it.

Calculate button
Performs the calculation process of the toolpath, using the chained profiles and the current parameters defined.