SimplyCam V3. Documentation


This dialog is used to define the size of the material and/or the limits of machining.

Feed Plane
The parameter set the Z coordinate at which the tool move at rapid traverse (G0).
From this position, the tool move in Z to enter into the workpiece, with feedrate (G1).
The "Feed Plane" parameter also set the Z coordinate at which the tool retract, after the processing, or before performing the move rapidly between the various profiles of the working or between the different operations (absolute).

Top Part
The parameter sets the top Z of the part. It is used as the upper limit for roughing.

Bottom Part
The parameter sets the lower Z of the lower part. It is used as the lower limit or supporting plane of the tool in parallel passes.

Margine X / Y
These parameters extend or restrict the stock and consequently the machining area in the X and Y directions. Enter a positive value to extend or a negative value to restrict.

Section definition Profile

This section is used to define a strock of irregular shape or to contain the machining.

Clicking on an entity, all entities connected to the respective endpoints, are concatenated to form the profile (chain) that contains the machining.

Il profilo di contenimento è rimosso dalla selezione.