SimplyCam V3. Documentation

Toolpath Manager

Use the Toolpath Manager to create, manage, edit and view the operations of toolpath.
A single geometric part can have one or more operations.
One or more operations can be postprocessing (ie converted) into a single G-Code file, specific to your CNC machine Vs.
More operations, with different tool numbers, produce the G-Code file, the instructions for tool change (eg T3 M06).
The following figure shows how each operation is displayed in Toolpath Manager:

Toolpath Manager

Treeview description

Right-click menu

By right-clicking in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperations the menu are displayed in context to the clicked position.

Change Post
To change the current post-processor, click on the "Change Post" buttonor select the same function from the drop-down menu of the right mouse button.
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Initialize all the toolpath operations.
Milling Toolpaths
This option creates a new contouring machining.
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This option creates a new pocketing machining.
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Drill cycle
This option creates a new drilling machining.
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This option creates a 3D Parallel toolpath on Stl models.
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Laser, Plasma, WaterJet Toolpaths
This option creates a contouring Cut toolpath
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This option creates a Engraving toolpath
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Lathe Toolpaths
Lathe Rough
This option creates a Lathe Rough toolpath
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Lathe Finish
This option creates a Lathe Finish toolpath
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Delete Operation
The selected operation is removed from the list of toolpaths created earlier.
Change Parameters
The selected operation is open and its dialogs shown. All parameters, tools, chains, etc.. can be modified and the machining recalculated.
Show Toolpath
Displays the toolpath of the selected operation.
This opens the dialog to simulate the toolpath of the selected operation.
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Enable / Disable
The selected operation is Disabled / Enabled. If the operation is disabled, when you run the postprocessor, the toolpath is not included in the G-Code file.
Post only this operation
This option creates the G-Code file with the current postprocessor, converting only the selected operation.
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