SimplyCam V3. Documentation


This function allows for quick and easy vectorizations from graphic images, whether black and white, grayscale or 8, 24 or 32 bits color depth.
The vectorization is a process that converts a raster image (bmp or jpg) into vector graphics (composed of a set of graphic primitives such as lines, arcs, and polylines) that can be used in machining operations.
The vector format can be imported into other CAD/CAM applications .

Black and White conversion

Each image is made up of millions of pixels and each pixel has its own color.
Move the slider in order to reduce the color information present on each pixel from the image information only to two: white and black.

Colored Image
Image converted to black and white

Removing spots or isolated pixels

This section allows you to choose the maximum size of black and white spots and remove them from the image raster before performing the vectorization process.

Before removing
After removing

Vectors creation parameters

With SimplyCam you can opt for two different modes of vectorization: "Centerline" and "Outline".
If you choose the option "Centerline", the vectorization generates vector along the center of the raster elements, otherwise the vectorization generates vector along the edge of the raster elements.


Error threshold
This parameter determines how the curves will be created to fit the raster pixels.

Error = 0.1
Error = 1.0

Filter iteration
Sets the number of filtering or smoothing that are applied to created curves.

Filter iteration = 0
Filter iteration = 3

Corner threshold
The set value (degrees), determines the maximum angle between a series of preceding pixels and a series of subsequent pixels to form an corner.

Corner threshold = 160
Corner threshold = 90

Removing vectors smaller than
The vector length smaller than the set value are not created by the vectorization process.

Removing vectors smaller than 0.0
Removing vectors smaller than 0.5

Vectors on the layer
The vectors created by the vectorization process are positioned on the selected layer and inherit their attributes (color, thickness).

Vectors created by the vectorization process are shown in the graphic area without being stored in the database.

Arcs filter
This option allows to program that replaces a series of linear vectors with arcs whenever possible.

- Tolerance:
This parameter sets the tolerance of the arcs recognition.
- Minimum radius arc:
Specify the minimum permissible arc radius.
- Maximum radius arc:
Specify the maximum permissible arc radius.

Show information about the vectorization process.

The vectors created by the vectorization process are stored in the database.